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Avi Mukherjee

Commercial Advertising Photographer





All About ME

​I am a Kolkata based photographer that takes great pride in capturing the true spirit and personality of the people and subject that I photograph.


My style has been described as creative, fun, engaging and relaxed.

I understand that in order for me to capture beautiful images I must create a relaxed environment. I accomplish this by engaging in conversations, listening with my ears and camera and paying close attention to the smallest of details.

I specialize in Editorial Fashion, Commercial Fashion Portraits, Lifestyle, and Product photography.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your photography needs


Services on Offer

Bespoke Packages

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Avi Mukherjee offers a full range of photographic services, including Lookbooks. Clients can rest assured that when it comes to this service, Avi Mukherjee has the expertise to create something spectacular. To find out more, get in touch.


Creating incredible Headshots is the service that Avi Mukherjee is best known for. It’s also one of their most popular. To see what Avi Mukherjee can do for you, take a look at their gallery and get in touch to discuss availability.

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Get in touch to find out more about services on offer.

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Creative Collaborations



Srejonee Art & Creations entrusted renouned photographer Abhishek Mukhopadhyay for creating perfect visual imagery for our webpage. Abhishek brings on the table tons of Product photography experience and creativity which has given a different dimension to our site.

    Abhijit Biswas, Founder Srejonee Art & Creations

Client 4


Volve was looking for an innovative Commercial Advertising Photographer who would showcase them in an extraordinary way. Avi Mukherjee immediately understood what they wanted and created the concept they were looking for.

Client 1


When Avi Mukherjee was approached by Sovix, they knew they would create something special together. Sovix is well known in the industry, and working with them was the perfect opportunity for Avi Mukherjee to showcase their talent.

Winter Outfit


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